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Living with Herpes And Cold Sores

Although very few people know there is a natural cure for herpes and cold sores, living with cold sores is not an overly complicated process. According to heath practitioners, personal health is often not something to worry about for the infected people. Research shows that many infected people, about 80% to 90% do not experience out breaks however 60% of them have some other less obvious symptoms. For the small percentage that experiences outbreaks, they decrease over time. The virus can remain dormant in your system for years without causing visible symptoms.

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living with cold sores

The initial outbreak is the worst and it occurs a few weeks after infection. The symptoms often include headaches, fever and muscle aches and they may last up to a few weeks. Outbreaks that follow have symptoms which include painful sores or fever blisters near or on the genitals, itching, burning sensations, irritation and swelling. These outbreaks and complications in managing the virus are mostly caused by an individuals’ negative outlook on life, anxiety, stress and fatigue.

There is a lot of stigma surrounding the viral infection which exists at the heart of the faulty mindset that promiscuous people and the cheating types are the only ones who get genital herpes. Herpes jokes and poking fun at infected people hinting their immorality and unfaithfulness has been around for decades popularized by TV and print media. Such behavior has only served to fuel the stigma thus keeping people living with herpes from opening up. The shame is worse than the symptoms of the infection since it affects the psychological health and the social life of the infected person.

To successfully manage herpes, an infected person has to take initiative. A whole life approach is necessary. This means making lifestyle and behavior changes. One must learn how to closely watch for symptoms and treat them promptly.

Here are some guidelines that can help those living with herpes leave a healthy life.

– Taking prescription antiviral medication

Antiviral medications are prescribed to many patients to control the virus. There are quite a number available in the market. People with the Herpes simplex virus (HSV) virus involved in intimate relationships are especially encouraged to take these medications since studies have shown that they decrease the chance of transmission to their partners.

– Stress

Stress is a leading cause of recurrent outbreaks in people living with cold sores. Stress can be work related, caused by financial problems, relationship wrangles, name them. While stress is an unavoidable part of life, you may learn how to react to it differently. There are quite a number of stress management resources available from therapy to support groups to physical exercise and spirituality.

Many people easily fall into depression thanks to the stigma associated with herpes. Unless you overcome the stress, managing herpes can impossible. You need to talk to a counselor or a trusted friend to overcome the understandable but unfounded fears and shame.

– Safe sex

Transmission of the HSV virus occurs when the virus is transmitted through a broken area of the skin. Sex whether intercourse or oral should be avoided when the infected party is displaying symptoms.

A latex condom can be worn to prevent transmission but it offers no protection to the fingers, scrotum or any other part of the body. Polyurethane condoms may be use for those with latex allergies but not lambskin condoms.

Vigorous or aggressive intercourse should be avoided as it may create tears in the genitals increasing chances of transmission.

– Fatigue

The HSV resides in the ganglia, a small part at the bottom of the spinal cord which is part of the nervous system. When the body especially the nervous system is fatigued, viral activity increases and this increase the chances of the occurrence of an outbreak.

Enough, non-chemically induced sleep, about eight hours, is paramount to obtain enough rest and avoid fatigue.

Other lifestyle changes include minimizing ultra violet exposure, regular bathing, avoiding wearing tight clothes and eating a healthy diet.

By taking antiviral medications regularly, communicating with others and dealing with outbreaks, severity of the infection can be lessened and chance of transmission minimized. Living with herpes is not so much of a struggle when you have the facts.


How To Test For Herpes

Herpes is a viral disease that is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 and type 2. A herpes infection often causes small, painful blister looking sores on the skin or the mucous membrane of the throat, vagina, urethra, nose, mouth, and rectum.  In most cases tests are done for sores in the genital area though other tests can be done from spinal fluid, urine, blood or tears sample.

how to test for herpes

Why a test for herpes may be done

  • To find out whether sores in your vaginal area or in your mouth are as a result of HSV
  • To find out which type of virus is causing the Herpes infection- HSV1- or HSV2
  • To find out whether the partner of the person infected with the HSV is also infected
  • To diagnose whether a new-born baby has acquired HSV virus from its mother during birth – if the mother has genital herpes

How to test for herpes: Types of tests available

If you are wondering how you can test for the virus, below are the four most common tests that can be done to diagnose whether one has the virus or not

  1. Herpes viral culture – In the viral culture test, a sample is collected from the cells or fluid from a fresh sore using cotton swab and put in a culture cup.  This is the best method to identify a genital herpes infection. However the test isn’t a 100% perfect as it sometimes fails to find the virus even when present
  2. Polymerase chain reaction(PCR) test- The sample for the PCR test can be collected from the fluid or the cells from the sore or on the patient’s blood or any other fluid such as spinal fluid. The PCR test is done to test for the HSV virus DNA. The test can differentiate between HSV 1- and HSV-2. The test is not commonly done on skin sores but is ideal for testing the spinal fluid- commonly used to test for rare cases in which the HVS may cause an infection in the brain or around it
  3. Herpes virus antigen detection test – The test involves scraping cells from a fresh sore  before smearing them onto a microscope slide. This test finds antigens on the surface of the cells infected with the HSV. The test can be done together with or instead of a viral culture
  4. Antibody test- When any virus or any other micro-organism infects the body, the immune system forms antibodies to fight the infection. The antibody test aims to identify antibodies made by the immune system to fight the herpes infection. The antibody test is not as accurate as the viral culture at finding the exact cause of specific ulcer or sore. The antibody test is not able to differentiate between an infection that occurred in the past and a current active herpes infection. The body takes time to form antibodies, as such the test may not be able to identify an infection if you have been infected recently.

Now that you know the various ways of how to test for herpes if you think you may have the virus, avoid any sexual contact until you get the results back. This can lower your chances of infecting your partner.

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Is Herpes Curable – The Treatment Options

Let’s face it, in this day in age, it is important to be up to date on all health-related news. No matter what age one may be, it is never too late to take care of your body and learn information that can help you advance in this task. The fact of the matter is that we are living in a breakthrough era, in which more diseases are being discovered and diagnosed, while more treatments and cures are being researched and found. Therefore, it is important to stay informed on all disease research which may be relevant to one’s specific case. One of the most common conditions people suffer from is Herpes infections. Is Herpes Curable? How can you treat it? Let’s find out!

is herpes curable

Herpes – The Basics 2 specific types of the common Herpes virus exist: Herpes Simplex type 1 and Herpes Simplex type 2. One can get infected with both types. The common belief is that type 1 infection occurs in the mouth, while type 2 involves the genitals. You can get the Herpes virus from simple skin contact with an individual while they are in a contagious period. This explains why abundant amounts of children have the oral herpes type 1. Simple contact, like a kiss or hug can transmit the HSV1. Even sharing a cup, glass, fork, spoon or toothbrush can easily pass the virus to the other person. You’ve probably figured out the fact that it is very difficult for a child to avoid the virus if the parent possesses it. The vast majority of people think the a person is contagious only during an active outbreak, though the truth it that one is contagious whenever the virus is active in the body, regardless of the outbreak.

Herpes – Treating It “Is Herpes curable?”. This is a question often encountered among the medical staff. Very few people are aware of the fact that once a person gets the virus, it is practically impossible to get rid of it. The minute the virus enters your body it will stay there forever, based on the current medical treatment capabilities. In other words, there is no actual way to eliminate the Herpes virus from the body. Although this may sound like disastrous news, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Studies say that over 80% of the world’s population have Herpes, while the majority don’t even know it. A Herpes infection doesn’t have to bother the carrier unless you let it – there are a wide variety of treatment options to reduce and eliminate breakouts, making the virus practically invincible! There are different antiviral medication that can be prescribed in to treat all of the symptoms of Herpes. Certain cold sore treatment can even help to prevent the spread and growth of lesions by producing a film over the blisters. Natural treatments are also gaining popularity in fighting Herpes. Natural treatment include nutritional supplements that help short the symptomatic outbreak and the healing process of the lesions. So, is Herpes curable? No it isn’t, but there are a wide variety of treatment options to make it esthetically gone forever and ever!

The Symptoms of Herpes

Genital Herpes or simply Herpes, is a very painful medical condition. In men the symptoms of herpes can appear anywhere near the genital area which makes sexual intercourse a very risky affair. The same is true for female herpes also. Blisters and sore that erupt inside the vagina can make life really uncomfortable. There is no complete cure from this virus but the anti-viral treatments can give the much needed relief from these painful symptoms. But how will you know whether you have herpes or not? What are the symptoms? Let’s find out.

Herpes Treatment

Herpes Treatment

The Symptoms of Herpes in Men and Women

The initial symptoms of genital herpes is itching or slight pain which lasts for a few week after being exposed to an infected sexual partner. After quite a few days, tiny white blisters will start appearing. These can also look like small red bumps. Slowly these will rupture and transform into ulcers that will ooze blood. The ulcers will slowly heal over a long period of time. The sores generally appear on the penis, the channel inside the penis which leads to the bladder or inside of the urethra. In case of women the scars tend to appear in the vaginal area cervix or anus. The women feel really uncomfortable and these are very painful also.

When the ulcers form in different parts of the genital area, it can be become very painful to urinate even. There can pain and tenderness in the genital area as long as there is infection. At the time of the initial outbreak of the blisters there can be additional symptoms resembling common flu like fever, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes in the groin area.

The recurrences are very common

The herpes symptoms are different for each person. The signs and some of the symptoms may recur for many years. There have been instances of a person experiencing quite a few episodes every year. But for the majority of the people the outbreaks are not so frequent and gradually die down as time passes. But it is important to remember the factors which may lead to the recurrence of the herpes symptoms.

These are
a) menstruation b) surgery c) fatigue and d) illness

The first time you get herpes symptoms

The first time symptoms are worse than the future episodes but in some cases it can be so mild that it can actually go unnoticed. However, statistically speaking, the number of people coming to clinic with herpes symptoms is increasing day by day. Although many medical experts view herpes as a mild issue, the severity of the herpes symptoms can be really alarming. Since the symptoms can be associated with other medical conditions, it is imperative that repeated occurrence of the symptoms should be taken seriously and doctors must be consulted for complete cure and treatment.

It is not a good idea to ignore the symptoms of herpes as it can lead to severe problems in the future. As soon as you notice the first red bump or the white blister, go and visit your physician. If left untreated, these can lead to more complications in the future.

Is It Possible To Cure The Signs Of Herpes?

Herpes is one of the most common contagious diseases seen among men, women and in children. Though there are different varieties of Herpes is found in humans , the most common are Herpes simplex virus 1 or HSV1 and Herpes simplex virus 2 or HSV2. HSV1 is known to cause oral Herpes and HSV2 causes genital Herpes. Oral Herpes are also known as cold sores and about 90 % of the adults suffer from oral Herpes. Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and most of the people believes that this form of Herpes is incurable. This is not completely true. It is difficult to treat the genital Herpes in some people. There are many different treatments available which actually prevents the signs of Herpes from appearing again and again.

get rid of herpes

Over The Counter Medicines

There are many people around us who are living with Herpes. They suffer from the painful outbreaks of Herpes. The outbreaks can occur any time after the first attack by the virus. In some people the outbreaks are very common whereas some do not experience further our breaks at all. Many people opt for over the counter medicines for treating Herpes out of ignorance. These OTC’s are not scientifically proven to cure Herpes and are most of the time in effective in controlling the outbreaks. There are topical creams, oral supplements which claim to provide relief from the Herpes infection. These are not the best answer for treating signs of Herpes and many alternate methods are more effective that these OTC’s. So, it is better for men and women who are looking for the best methods to control Herpes to avoid such creams or supplements.

Prescription Medication

The prescription medication for treating the symptoms and for preventing the outbreaks includes anti viral drugs. The most commonly used drugs for this purpose include Valtrex, Zovirax etc. Though these viruses are capable of attacking the Herpes virus, they produce many unwanted side effects in the body of the patient.  They cannot completely stop the outbreaks of Herpes in some people. Moreover, people with genital Herpes feel embarrassed to visit the doctor in person. If you do not have medical insurance, these prescription medicines and treatments may cost you a fortune.  Most of the time people look for any other alternate form of treatment to cure or prevent the outbreaks. There are celebrities with Herpes who are reluctant to approach the doctors and are looking for other types of treatment which ensures the privacy of the person.

Home Treatments

Like any other disease, Herpes also have certain home remedies to control the sores or blisters and to prevent the reappearance of the diseases. The home treatments mainly include various foods, practice of hygiene and herbal remedies. These home remedies do not have any side effects compared to the prescribed medication and are much cheaper. Studies have shown that foods which have high lysine content like avocado, yoghurt, broccoli, fish, cheese, chicken minimizes the re-occurrence of the disease. It is necessary to avoid arginine containing foods such as raisins, peanuts, chocolate etc. Arginine is necessary for the replication of the Herpes causing virus and lysine helps to slow down the arginine metabolism causing slower replication of virus in the body.  Herbal remedies include the green and white tea and the Siberian Ginseng.  It has been found that drinking green and white tea speed up the process healing the Herpes outbreaks. The Siberian Ginseng is not effective in treating HSV1 infection but, it reduces the symptoms of HSV2 infection considerably. The hygienic practices used for controlling the signs of Herpes includes warm baths , keeping the genital area clean and dry,  using cotton underwear etc. though these methods are safe, they are not effective in all the persons with infections. Moreover they do not completely destroy the virus causing the problem. They will only help you in living with Herpes.

Are Herpes Curable Completely?

You can find the answer for the question “Is Herpes curable” by doing proper research using the internet. There are certain guidelines or products which claim to cure Herpes completely. You can familiarize yourself with the options available for curing Herpes completely.  Some products may not be effective in everyone.

  • It is necessary to opt for products which provide complete knowledge about Herpes and the best ways to prevent its outbreaks.
  • Some of these products are helping thousands of people to avoid the recurrence of the Herpes and to reduce the duration of infection and pain in the first attack of the virus.
  • If you want to enjoy a normal and happy life without the painful and embarrassing outbreaks of Herpes you can opt for any of the products like eBooks which provide step by step direction for fighting the Herpes.

There are certain eBooks which provide concise and easy to follow steps for treating the outbreaks.  You can actually get rid of Herpes by following the instructions given in these e books. The only thing to remember is to select the eBook which offers the best effective treatment.

How To Get The Best Out Of Herpes Treatment Products?

It is better to opt for products which are proven or which are based on ingredients which are used for decades in treating the problem. You have to follow the directions given along the product to get the best result. You may find changes in the sores and blisters when you start following the directions or using the products. It will take some time to get rid of the Herpes virus completely from the body.  So, have patience and wait till the time given in the instructions for using the product to get the complete result. If you have any doubts regarding the use of these Herpes treatment products, you can contact the particular website from which you have bought the treatment and clear your doubts. If you are not happy with a particular product, you can return the product, provided the website offers the money back policy.

Genital Herpes | Combating Genital Herpes with the Help of Natural Remedies

Genital Herpes refers to herpes infection caused by herpes simplex viruses.  The infection is categorized into two main categories such as HSV-2 and HSV-1. HSV-1 category of infection occurs above the waist whereas HSV-2 infection is caused below the waist. HSV virus is said to be asymptotic in most of the cases, thus aiding hindering, contagion and containment.

Herpes Treatments and Cures

The symptoms include clusters of sores over the genitals. The disease comprises of inflamed vesicles and papules over the outer surface of the genitals. The inflamed sores resemble somewhat similar to cold sores.  In males, the symptoms appear over the shaft of penis, glans of penis, inner thigh and anus. In females, the symptoms appear over or near the clitoris, labia, pubis, vulva and anus. The disease is mainly caused to people who are involved in anal inter-courses.

Some additional symptoms that are commonly seen are constant discharge from vagina or penis, fever, muscle pain, headache, malaise and swollen lymph nodes. Inflammation of rectum and anal is also witnessed in people suffering from this disease.

Herpes cure includes some natural treatment along with herpes home remedy. The disease cannot be treated using allopathic medicines. It specifically requires natural treatment only. Home remedies for treating natural herpes include soaking the affected area in warm water. The area should be kept dry and clean with the help of a towel. In case one feels uncomfortable while towelling then one can also use hair dryer for drying up the affected area. Putting cotton under the genital will help one to soak the remaining moisture from the place.

Scientists reveal that some nutritional supplements and natural extracts can help to relieve the symptoms. The extract from Echinacea plant assists the sufferer to boost up the immunity levels thereby combating the infection. Another study unleashed that ointment containing propolis (a waxy substance created by honey bees) helps to heal the sores of herbs. Such an ointment is applied three to four times up to 10 days. A study revealed that when this particular ointment was used to cure the affected patients, they felt a great sense of relief.

Scientists have also found that a herb named Prunella vulgaris contains certain chemicals that combat both HSV-1 & HSV-2 viruses.  Such herbs can be conveniently purchased from various stores. The herbs act like nutritional supplements and not drugs. Though it works wonders it is not medically approved by FDA to treat the ailment.

Some additional herpes remedy includes adding Epsom salt to the warm water while taking bath. The salt not only assists in relaxation of sores but also helps to heal them thereby reducing the duration recovery.

Using soap over genitals also helps to cure the affected area. Keeping the affected area covered with sores clean and tidy prevents the virus from multiplying. Mild disinfected soaps are highly recommended to wash of the affected area.

Applying domeboro powder over the genital speeds up the healing process of the skin rashes and athlete`s foot. It also assists in drying up the area thereby reducing itching significantly.

Genital Herpes | Know The Facts About Genital Herpes And Treatments

Genital Herpes And Cures – Important Facts

genital herpes cureGenital Herpes is a contagious disease caused by the Herpes virus.  This virus belongs to the family of viruses which causes chicken pox.  The common strain of the virus is Herpes simplex and it has two variations. The type 1 Herpes simplex causes sores or blisters around the mouth  and the type 2 Herpes Simplex infects the genital area, buttocks, thighs etc. The blisters are usually painful. Sometimes other parts of the body like hands, eyes, stomach etc are also affected by the virus. Once these viruses invade the human body, they will remain in the body for a long time. Most of the time, these viruses remain in the dormant stage. In some people the virus never becomes active, but in some people they erupt into blisters. When people have Herpes attacks most of the doctors will suggest living with Herpes as they think there is no way to prevent the attacks.

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Live A Normal Life Despite Being Affected By Genital Herpes

stop herpes outbreaksHave you been told by your doctor or physician that you have been infected by a virus that has no cure and will remain dormant in your body lifelong? Are you diagnosed to be suffering from virus infection that affects your genital organs and parts? If you have heard such tasteless news, there is nothing to get worried about. You will be amazed to hear that genital herpes is a very common infection seen in a lot of men and women and many have been living with herpes for a long time. There is every chance that your friends, relatives, co-workers, colleagues or family members might also be suffering from genital herpes as one in every five Americans is suffering from this virus infection. So, there is nothing to fear about genital herpes as you have lots of company in this world.

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What’s the Best Herpes Treatment for You?

Herpes Treatment

Herpes Treatment

Herpes Treatment

There are various herpes treatment methods out there. If you have witnessed a medical expert about your problem, he or she often have by now recommended a medication so you might take. Nonetheless it’s likely that, you most likely ponder whether there will be something superior available. Nowadays I am going to provide you with your plan of action regarding herpes treatment method.

Commonly, when you are initial clinically determined since acquiring genital herpes your doctor will certainly suggest a certain herpes virus cure merchandise. Having said that, the product or service a medical expert may suggest may entirely be based upon just a smart sales pitch by a prescription representative. Quite a few health care industry watch most dogs think that medical practitioners become only retail stores for the prescription the big players. There may certainly always be a few truth of the matter for this cost.

Concerning exactly what herpes simplex virus therapy for this is effectively for you, the treatment depends on your own special scenario. The very first style of herpes simplex virus treatment method consists of pharmaceutical drugs; many of which tend to be tablets which you undertake a daily basis or perhaps as a breakout commences.

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Herpes Treatment

Herpes Signs and symptoms Could That Blister Be Herpes

Why wouldn’t you understand how herpes signs and symptoms present? Well, the herpes simplex virus is among the most generally contracted std’s among both males and ladies. And just like a bad house guestyou can’t eliminate it. There’s no remedy for herpes. After you have contracted herpes, it is for existence. So, you should understand what the signs and symptoms are and you skill if you feel you’ve been infected.

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