Get Rid of Herpes And Cold Sores Forever!

Genital Herpes refers to herpes infection caused by herpes simplex viruses.  The infection is categorized into two main categories such as HSV-2 and HSV-1. HSV-1 category of infection occurs above the waist whereas HSV-2 infection is caused below the waist. HSV virus is said to be asymptotic in most of the cases, thus aiding hindering, contagion and containment.

Herpes Treatments and Cures

The symptoms include clusters of sores over the genitals. The disease comprises of inflamed vesicles and papules over the outer surface of the genitals. The inflamed sores resemble somewhat similar to cold sores.  In males, the symptoms appear over the shaft of penis, glans of penis, inner thigh and anus. In females, the symptoms appear over or near the clitoris, labia, pubis, vulva and anus. The disease is mainly caused to people who are involved in anal inter-courses.

Some additional symptoms that are commonly seen are constant discharge from vagina or penis, fever, muscle pain, headache, malaise and swollen lymph nodes. Inflammation of rectum and anal is also witnessed in people suffering from this disease.

Herpes cure includes some natural treatment along with herpes home remedy. The disease cannot be treated using allopathic medicines. It specifically requires natural treatment only. Home remedies for treating natural herpes include soaking the affected area in warm water. The area should be kept dry and clean with the help of a towel. In case one feels uncomfortable while towelling then one can also use hair dryer for drying up the affected area. Putting cotton under the genital will help one to soak the remaining moisture from the place.

Scientists reveal that some nutritional supplements and natural extracts can help to relieve the symptoms. The extract from Echinacea plant assists the sufferer to boost up the immunity levels thereby combating the infection. Another study unleashed that ointment containing propolis (a waxy substance created by honey bees) helps to heal the sores of herbs. Such an ointment is applied three to four times up to 10 days. A study revealed that when this particular ointment was used to cure the affected patients, they felt a great sense of relief.

Scientists have also found that a herb named Prunella vulgaris contains certain chemicals that combat both HSV-1 & HSV-2 viruses.  Such herbs can be conveniently purchased from various stores. The herbs act like nutritional supplements and not drugs. Though it works wonders it is not medically approved by FDA to treat the ailment.

Some additional herpes remedy includes adding Epsom salt to the warm water while taking bath. The salt not only assists in relaxation of sores but also helps to heal them thereby reducing the duration recovery.

Using soap over genitals also helps to cure the affected area. Keeping the affected area covered with sores clean and tidy prevents the virus from multiplying. Mild disinfected soaps are highly recommended to wash of the affected area.

Applying domeboro powder over the genital speeds up the healing process of the skin rashes and athlete`s foot. It also assists in drying up the area thereby reducing itching significantly.


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